Noise Barriers

Noise barriers effectively and sustainably reduce the impact of noise, caused by the traffic, as well as improve the quality of life along traffic routes.

Areas surrounding roads and railways, are usually prone to high noise loads. The noise caused by the traffic bears negative impacts, which affect the quality of life and the health of local residents.

Types of Noise Barriers

Transparent noise barriers


ensure high sound insulation. Due to their transparency, leave the drivers feeling unrestricted and not visually detached from the landscape.

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Aluminum noise barriers


ensure high sound absorption and insulation. Suitable for protection against noise caused by the traffic and noise from industry. Available in any color.

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Wooden noise barriers


enable sound insulation and sound absorption of noise caused by traffic. Produced from  conifer wood, autoclave impregnated under pressure. 
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  • Excellent acoustic characteristics
  • Resistance to high static and dynamic loads
  • Resistance to corrosion and weather conditions
  • Simple assembly and maintenance
  • Long life span
  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Recyclable


Combined noise barriers

Combining options

Transparent,  aluminum and wooden noise barrier panels can be installed as standalone units or combined with each other.

Protihrupne ograje - kombinacija aluminijskih in transparentnih protihrupnih panelov


Noise barrier panels can be installed on flat solid surfaces. The assembly is fast and simple, as the panels need only be inserted between metal HE  posts.

When installing transparent and wooden noise barrier panels, the use of a crane is necessary, while the installation of aluminum panels does not require one.


Installation of steel ropes can additionally increase the safety of noise barrier panels. Various steel rope solutions are available with the purpose of preventing the panels from falling out of place in case of a vehicle crashing into the noise barrier.


The acoustic and non-acoustic properties of the noise barrier panels have been tested at accredited testing institutions. Panels are in compliance with the requirements of the EN14388, EN1793 and EN1794 European standards. The panels are affixed the CE marking and a declaration of performance.

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