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Plastic and decorative home products - ideal materials for DIY enthusiasts and persons with little experience in manual activities.

Tekniglass 1


plastic sheets for DIY purposes

wide range of Polimark plastic sheets for DIY purposes. Sheets and foils are made of different kinds of plastic materials, which allows a wide range of applications (glazing, decorative plastic items, roofing ...).



decorative plastic products for DIY purposes.

wide range of Polimark decorative products for DIY purposes. Products are innovative, made from high-quality materials, to which are added special treatments, colors and creative ideas.

Furnishing products and accessories that change our interpretation of the home, an example of how creativity and innovation can frame our lives every day.

Polimark - Italian manufacturer and distributor of  Tekniglass and Living products. Company has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying of plastic DIY products. Polimark began to manufacture and sell polystyrene sheets Poliver  in the beginning of 1970. To date, the company has developed a wide range of plastic sheets and products for DIY purposes.

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